Armando Cabba’s body of work primarily consist of the duality of portraiture and abstraction along with everything in between. Primarily known for his portraits, his subjects are figurative in nature yet are loaded with colour and echo the handling seen in his Brut series. Cabba’s intimate relationship with his subjects is exuded through subtle nuances combined alongside his attention to detail.

Born in Montreal, Cabba earned his BFA from Concordia University. He was then accepted into The Florence Academy of Art the following year where he attended briefly before opening his own studio in Italy. Armando’s work is held in private collections in the United States, Europe, and Canada. After a few years working independently in Italy, he’s moved to Paris where he currently continues to create.


  • Florence Academy of Art 2013-2014

  • Concordia University Painting and Drawing 2009-2013

  • Dawson College Fine Arts Program 2007-2009

  • Selwyn House School 2007



2017                VERNISSAGE II  Paris, France
                         VERNISSAGE I   Paris, France

2014                7 Florence, Italy

Group Shows

2019                 L’Atelier Des Arts : L’Ombres et Lumières   Bretagne, France

                          See Me “One Self”  New York City, New York

                          Venice Lands Art Prize  Treviso, Italy

                          L’Atelier Des Arts : Le Portrait  Bretagne, France

2017                 L’Imaginarium de Yuma Guma Paris, France

2013                 SNBA Art Fair Paris, France
                          Galerie Fringe Expo-Vernissage Montreal, Quebec
                          Florence Design Week Florence, Italy

2012                 New God Flow Montreal, Quebec
                          Galerie Fringe Expo-Vernissage Montreal, Quebec
                          PTNG Montreal, Quebec
                          Bïzune Gallery Series Toronto, Ontario
                          Limitless Expressions Toronto, Ontario
                          Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Toronto, Ontario
                          Galerie Fringe Expo-Vernissage Montreal, Quebec
                          Work Montreal, Quebec
                          Earth Vortices Ferrara, Italy

2011                 “DANCER : The Story of an Immigrant” Toronto, Ontario
                          The Illustrated Word 2 Montreal, Quebec
                          Galerie Fringe Expo-Vernissage Montreal, Quebec
                          An Evening for Autism Montreal, Quebec


2019                Curatorial Vol.1 Leaders in Contemporary Art, Australia

                         Hyperkilturemia #18 May-Jul, Italy

                         A5 Portfolio #25, UK

                         WOTISART? #23 (February) , UK

2018                WOTISART? #20 (November) , UK

                         SLEVIN MAGAZINE #3 , UK

                         Magazine 43 Issue 5 : Fall 2018, Hong Kong/ Taiwan

                         Average Art Magazine 26 (September) , UK

                         JaamZIN Creative Magazine August 2018, Singapore

                         Aesthetica: The Art & Culture Magazine Issue 84 –

                         August/September 2018 , UK

                         Circle Quarterly Art Review Spring 2018, Lyon, France

                         Circle Quarterly Art Review Winter 2018, Lyon, France

                         Le Bonbon (Janvier 2018 – n. 94 ), Paris, France

2017                A5 Portfolio #9, UK

                        The Get Down : MILK VOL.3, US

                        Aesthetica Magazine:

       100 Contemporary Artists from the Aesthetica Art Prize, UK

       Not Safe For Print by Ello, USA