Holidays make everything crazy and I haven’t had much time to work in the studio for good reasons. To those who feel like they’ve been waiting ages to read something from me, well I’m sorry but I assumed you were all in food comas and occupied with real world things. Anyways, I’m taking a moment serve you some unwanted discourse on my uncategorized work I call art.


There’s not much new to say about the Brut series. Once I’m back to my regular schedule, I’ll have some new ones pinned up to work on. Time has been positive factor concerning their evolution. Each one so far feels more stable than the one’s created in Florence. They stand more independently in the sense that I don’t need to be explaining them as much as I would before Paris. It’s a question of continuing on and seeing where things go. I wouldn’t go ahead to say I’ve had a “breakthrough” but I’m happy with what’s going on.

Running a gallery/small business is different from just painting. It is a lot of work but I am enjoying the whole experience as a whole. A month in has been great setting up what’s missing and learning more about the Parisians. Not like some nature channel kind of way, but understanding people’s general backgrounds and opinions when it comes to fine art based on their reactions in the atelier. What I’ve picked up so far wouldn’t be taught if I signed on to gallery. One of my biggest treasures with my set up is that I get to have unfiltered interactions with the visitors.

So that’s my update. It’s 2017 and I’m not going to rant about “new year, new me”. I’m upgrading myself as I go along. Improvements as we go along. If you’re starting up something new, I wish you the best of luck this year. 2016 was rough for me, but now I have my own professional space and I call myself president sometimes. Everything works out. I promise.