Shout out to all my friends and family back in North America with sane internet providers. Another day goes by where I miss having reliable service and the people who work there know what logic is. Running a space has it’s responsibilities. It’s what it means to be an adult. Everyone who runs an independent business knows the joys of paper work and technical issues. It’s annoying because it takes us away from what we love to do.  The way I feel better about it is I tell myself this is just a small price we pay for our freedom. An ultimate first world problem.

Brut 22

As some of you may know, I’m preparing for my first opening in the Atelier. I’m quite excited and it’s been a while since I’ve done a show. The goal with this one is to make an introduction. Atelier Cabba is new in Paris and I want to share my work with everyone. I remember ages ago being told an artist can’t also be a curator. You can, but it’s a lot of work. Between paintings, I’m on the phone, organizing meetings, and whoring myself out on social media while also trying to have a normal personal life. There’s a lot I’m learning from it for sure, but sometimes I just want to paint. Luckily I’m not alone in all this. There’s a few wonderful people helping me out and making this feel like a team effort.

The beauty of it all is I’m doing it. I know when the day comes where I can have tons of people running around taking care of every aspect of my life I will appreciate it. We have to earn the luxuries of living like your life is an episode of Entourage. On the actual painting end of things, my work is going. This week felt long but I’m still here. A metaphorical wall seems to appear when I’m getting close to finishing a portrait.  I personally think it’s my subconscious self telling me to chill out. The excitement of sharing something new with you really gets me eager to finish quickly, but that responsible side of me keeps me in line by Trumping me with a wall.