I don’t think I can be a digital artist. Technology as evolved so much we can literally make anything on a screen. Personally, there’s something about using a tablet and fancy software that doesn’t do it for me. I’m attracted to the speed of it all and I do see it as a valid form of art, yet it feels lacking to me. It doesn’t feel real which is kinda of the point I guess. As an artist, I enjoy being in the physical creative space. Feeling paint between my fingers as I pitter patter around my canvas is everything. That slight high from the turps can’t be copied with an app. Call me old school, but that’s how I like to play.

Play time has been going well in the studio. I find myself at a point where my palette is changing ever so slightly.  This isn’t by choice, but from simple change of country. I got so used to the Italian brands and had some left over, but now I’m painting with full french colours. Even though they are labeled as the same colour, that’s a lie. Okay, they aren’t lying on purpose. They are always different and you can bet that you’ll find me in any art store being “that guy” who opens up the tubes to look inside them to be sure. As much as it can be a bump in the road, it is exciting. I get to change up the way I work and I might discover something new in the process.


The ones who read these series of rants know I’m planning my first event at the atelier. If you’re in the Paris area, I highly recommend you to stop by and have a peek because me. Apart from meeting caterers and sorting out the space, I’ve been reflecting a lot on what my art means to me because I know someone is going to ask me. The truth is the answer always changes. It’s difficult to have something ready in my mind to tell people because after a few days I’ll probably not agree with it and want to change it over and over again. I’m more excited about meeting new people, seeing friends, and getting feedback. This is my real debut here in the city of light. Boots on the ground. Cabba is here.

This is probably going to be my last post for a little while because I’m off to England for a week. Being at the grind 24/7 isn’t healthy despite what people boast about on social media. You need time to live and reflect. Rest is just as important as work in whatever field you’re in. So you’ll catch me in London crawling from pub to pub after I’ve been clowning around in galleries and Museums. To be fair and honest, it is all part of my creative process.