Painting has always been a lonely gig and lately I find myself making random noises to remind myself I’m capable of sound. I’m not sure how my neighbours feel about the sudden outbursts coming from my studio downstairs. Mass amounts of solitude translates to work being done in my opinion. It’s not my intention to isolate myself, but it happens when I get into that creative flow. This way of life has become the norm for me. I’m more in tune with myself and my space. Speaking of spaces, don’t trust painters who have studios that look spotless. I’m talking about that disinfected hospital type clean. Chances are that artist is a serial killer and you should never go there alone. He’s Dexter. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Brut 23

3 new Brut paintings are done. I consider them research before anything else. It’s an on going exploration that’s never going to end. The worst thing that can happen with this series is that they stop evolving. Best case scenario is that happens when I’m dead. Change is the fuel for projects like this and art in general. I’m happy with how things worked out concerning my process in making these giants. I’m surrounded by them constantly and then I take them all down at once before starting a brand new trio. Because they aren’t stretched, I don’t get to look at them as reference as I’m beginning another set.  They stay rolled up in storage while their impression is all that’s left on my mind. It’s naturally set up in a way that I can’t “copy” even if I wanted to. Technically, they function in sets of triptychs now as opposed to independently.

This is all part of the joys of painting. What I’m telling you here sounds dull and repetitive to me. Maybe it’s because I say it in my head and out loud to myself multiple times a day? Either way, I feel this post is a bit forced from my end. I have no issues at all showing photos, but it’s when it comes to rambling about what’s happening is when I feel I’m pulling teeth. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have teleportation technology so you could come hang out and see them? We could chill while listening to some 90’s Ska and drink wine. I’d much rather do that instead of writing a post for you. Until scientists figure it out, this will have to do.