So this post took a while and Happy May Day or whatever it is that’s being celebrated today. All the stores are closed and I have a fever making me quite peachy. Since I’m sick, I’ll take this as a sign that I should sit down and write something on here. The previous two weeks have been a bit all over the place. Last post was about listening to your body and I did. Being an artist isn’t just about pulling a 9-5 in the studio every single day. As cliché as this next bit sounds, it is part of our job description to live.

Memory Self Portrait #2

This post hasn’t been fully written and I already sound redundant in my head. I’ve finished a couple paintings for some of those collaborations I mentioned previously. Saturday will mark my third and final day being a model for a photography project and I’ll have the album finished this week. In between it all, I’ve had some time for myself and my personal projects. The self portraits dictate themselves in every sense. With the many I’ve done, I can tell you that none of them actually turn out the way I picture them in my head. They also complete themselves when they want to be completed. I have one that’s been set to the side because the time isn’t right. I’ve learnt to really let go of the wheel when it comes to creating this series. Honestly, it’s the beauty of it.

I’m more keen to hear about other people’s reactions to my work than writing about my experience. You’re exciting to me and I’ve been with myself way too long. If you have time and want to have a chat, don’t be shy. Follow my Instagram and all that to say up to date. Send me a comment. I love you.