It’s funny how when I get close to vacation time that I discover more and more routes to travel forward with concerning painting. Ideas grow and start to feel like hunger pains when you can’t act on them. As frustrating as it might feel, the good news is I’m not stagnate. The world I’ve created for myself is growing. What I might do is start to prep everything I need so I can hit the ground running when I’m back.

OmenIf you’re up to date with my social media (hopefully not for creepy reasons) you’ve seen Omen. The idea has been occupying the back of mind for a while now. My self portraits work on their own but this steps into a new realm of art (at least for me). My images are no longer limited to being on a canvas. There’s a performance aspect to it along with photography/video when it comes to documentation and possible prints being made. The surface is a window frame I ran off with because I “found” it on the street. For the future pieces, I’d like to use only glass or at least something much more lighter. I’ve just cracked the door open and there are so many possibilities.

The version of myself that appears in this piece has been seen before. It showed up back in Florence for the first time when I got back into painting after being under the academy rules for so long. Thats the first time one of my personas made a return. I would describe him to be that wild uncontrollable force that is the spear head for breakthroughs. Excitement and Aggression packed into one. For now I’ll refer to theses as masks. There’s a lot of detail I can get into about this entire future series as a whole. It’s not just about me wearing my paintings, but we can get into that in later blog posts. I’ll spread this out like a nice multi course meal.