Do old paintings function the same way we see throwback jams from the 90s/00s ? While thinking about the subject of social media and how it impacts my work, I feel I constantly need to produce. Making things isn’t an issue, but I feel after I make something everyone forgets what I made within 24 hours. Maybe you guys do and maybe you don’t? This is one of the downsides of being an artist in this day and age. I feel you are all behind me watching and waiting for new pieces like drug addicts when in reality you have your own lives and smash that like button occasionally.

MeryemAnother portrait is in the bank. I’m not bored with figuration, but I don’t enjoy how long it takes in comparison to my other projects. The reason these are so lengthy is because I’m picky. There’s a standard I want to reach before I can even consider the piece “finished”. Reality is that when I’m dead, these things are what’s going to be left. This is my legacy. Everything I create, I create with peace of mind knowing I’m satisfied with it. When art historians look back and waste countless hours theorizing about the nonsense of a madman, I’ll be happy knowing my nonsense is good nonsense. Top shelf quality nonsense for the world to see.

So I’m going to go back now and keep making more things for the imaginary addicts on social media. I feel I should work on that at some point. I already have the chapters of my life loosely set up and the part where I retreat to some European castle to paint would be a good time be off the grid. My autobiography is already written and I haven’t even lived my full life yet. Those of you that know me personally are not surprised at that statement.