Your favourite painter is now 27. I’ve been really exhausted for a few days and I think it’s because I’ve decided to quit coffee. I don’t know why I’ve made this horrible decision but I’m drinking hot leaf juice instead. Being a grown up is still a foreign concept to me. With all that said, it hasn’t stopped me from being in the studio. Just want to also say there’s a high chance I will make myself an espresso after I post this. Brut 30I’m currently keeping things as varied as I can in terms of my work schedule. Luckily for me, I have lots of freedom but I tend to come in at the same hours and it feels like a 9-5. I haven’t been here during my regular times and I’ve been breaking my regular routines. That’s one of my major challenges being an independent artist. Work wise, things are moving. Looking at previous online Bruts I’ve posted, I can see more of a clear path to where I want to take them. Transparency is becoming a major key element in the series. History is being shown and it’s creating depth as opposed to be solely big bold coloured brush strokes on canvas. I’ve been digesting the thought of incorporating a medium to push them, but I might not be ready for that just yet.

The portraits are going fine. I feel I can start them quite quickly the same way relationships form. The details are the tricky part. Rendering a nose for several hours isn’t just technique to me. It’s a conversation. We reach moments with people where we tackle big discussions together. We’re sharing feelings. It’s an intimacy that comes naturally and can’t be forced. Have you ever met someone who really tries to pull deep history and emotions out of you? Try to have a deep conversation out of nowhere? It’s bad news bears all across the board.