I’ve been on a self portrait binge for 2 weeks now. You’d know if you follow my social media or anything with my name attached to it. In between all the intimate time spent looking in the mirror, Shelby has progressed. It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned or posted any pics but I like keeping it a surprise. The more I’m emotionally involved with the individual, the longer the portrait takes. My dad’s portrait has been on hold but I haven’t forgotten. Great things take time.


As I’ve ranted about before, I’m constantly concerned with if I’m producing enough. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s the Millennial struggle? Even though I’ve preached and understood the concept of taking your time to do things right, I get paranoid. There are times where I wonder if it’s because I’m looking at the books of all my art heroes that contain their entire collections and then compare numbers. I’m also just fired up to paint anything that comes to my mind. Unfiltered and honest work. Especially when it comes to my self portraits.


It’s been nice painting and really pushing things forward, but the burn is coming. I already feel myself getting tired early on in the day. As a creative/independent worker, take my advice and get out from time to time. You’re brave if you work and live in the same spot. Sure it’s very convenient but good luck trying to relax. If you’re one of them, take this as sign to go outside. Grab a drink. Go the gym. Go for a walk. Chase a car. Build a flying machine. Destroy Capitalism. Do something to get you outside for a bit.