I figure this is a perfect time to write this since I’m expecting visits today and I’m ridiculously tired. There’s a high chance that not much painting will be happening. The exhaustion is rooted with the fact I didn’t take a “vacation” this summer as I hoped. Plans change and that’s just how the game goes. I am the type who has a social battery, so I might hold off on work so I can coast through visits and not come off as a zoned out douchebag. If I ever seem uninterested and rude, it’s not your fault. Part of my brain takes over that tells me to stop communicating and orders me to be in solitude asap.

FeedHaving new visitors coming into the studio is great. I love sharing my work and hearing what people have to say regardless if it’s good or bad. Unless you come in the atelier to say “this is rat shit” and leave, then I’m going to be annoyed. Grow up and make some constructive criticism. Explain to me properly with full sentences how my work correlates to the value of rodent faeces in the realm of art. Anyways, the major critique has been of the space itself. It’s been 8 months and I’m fitting into it nicely, but it feels it is missing something in the front.

For those of you that haven’t been in my HQ, it consists of 3 rooms. The two back rooms are my work space and the VIP super awesome chill zone. The issue is with the front space that acts as the gallery facing the street. It doesn’t pull you in as much as I’d like it to. Some people suggested putting an easel up or working in the front and have it all just be a messy artist’s studio. I think it’s all a bit tacky, but I came up with a wild idea. Back in Florence, I had a giant inflatable dinosaur as the studio mascot. There needs to be one for Paris. Something that reflects my work and eccentric behaviour. I have the perfect candidate in mind that can do the job.