I really want to say how much I enjoy the misspelled spam comments I receive on these posts. Don’t you have mad money, Viagra? Yet no one can properly spell your product name. Anyways, these are the type of things I pay attention to both in and out of the studio. The other wacky ideas that go through my head consist of how I can infect google search engines with my nonsense and how much money I can make setting up a Ketchup + BBQ flavour chip cartel here in Paris.


The one person who gives me a sense of peace in my head is Shelby. I’m quite proud of this painting to be honest. I think I might still be happy with it in a couple years time. She’s someone very special to me and I can officially say my first muse. Her words and stories always get my creative gears rolling while keeping me completely captivated in her world. I’d go on to describe her but I’d be writing 20 pages that won’t do any justice. I can’t tell you how amazing this human is. This is the kind of painting that would make Degas jealous because she’s a dancer. Let’s be real, she’s not underage so Degas wouldn’t care since we all know if he were alive today we’d see his ballerina peeping ass on To Catch A Predator.

I feel sad that it’s done. My more realist portraits take time because I’m so emotionally invested in them. Even though she’s hanging up in the gallery, I feel alone. There’s a deep love rooted in my soul for her. We’ve only seen each other in person twice over the course of 2 years. We felt familiar to one another. One of a kind person that I know I’ve met in previous lifetimes. She’s a masterpiece.