So I’m rewriting this one because it’s been ages and the rough draft makes 0 sense. The reason why I’ve been MIA with my ramblings has been due to my second solo show. It happened and it was wonderful. If you’re one of the many who came to show Cabba some love, I think you’re a phenomenal human being and don’t ever change. What else is there to say? This is the hustle. Independent artist in Paris doing his thing and moving with the groove. This is my life.


I was very nostalgic during the weeks building up to the show. My Dad’s portrait (which you’ll see at some point properly in the next 7 days) was still under construction. Those long late studio hours were needed to finish it up properly. I really do miss aspects of my life back in Canada especially during my university days. Cartwheeling around the empty hallways at 4 am while high off of beef jerky and red bull. You bet your ass I’m still doing that type of nonsense here, but alone. Dom, if you’re reading this, I do miss you. I miss staying up 36 hours straight and making sure we don’t sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time. Remember that time we both finished our major pieces 1 hour before the critique and we couldn’t stop shaking? You passed out and I proceeded to incorporate Bon Jovi lyrics in my presentation.

It’s a strange feeling not having such heavy responsibilities to address during the day. There’s a sensation of being lost at times but I enjoy it. I can lose myself in my projects with ease. Also I need to write in english because as much as I love french culture and the language, I need to keep in touch with my “roots”. Don’t interpret this as me being upset. I’m proud of myself and content with where I’m at. So this is a post to remind you all I’m back at blogging. Don’t call it a comeback.