I can’t remember if I’ve told you or I’ve been talking to myself too much, but I do plan on offering some courses at my new HQ. I’m no master like Bob Ross and anyways as much as I worship him, I don’t do landscapes. Finding my way as an instructor is going to be my new side project. I feel if I can explain to someone else what’s going on and how to do it then that must mean I know what I’m doing. Rehearsing TEDtalks at 11 pm on a Saturday night to my dogs is one thing, but explaining principles and technique to an actual human being is another event all together.

Bob Ross


For those who know me, I’ve never had a good track record with most of my previous teachers. Something about being told to do something by someone else or having these weird things called “rules” never sat well with me. In a way, I want to be like the handful of teachers I respect dearly. I’ve been reflecting on why I listened to them and what they taught me that has never left since I graduated. My goal is to be the teacher I always wanted to have. Who knows, I might have some young prick like myself come in and raise hell because they can. Having been that chaotic force in academia, I’m going to handle it differently. At least, I think I will. This is all just theory at this point.
My inspiration and hero being a mentor is Batman. He’s the one who said “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain” Time will tell how I fare.