Today and I was sitting in my studio pretending I was being interviewed by a huge art program (this happens a lot). The imaginary white Anglo-Saxon host named Susan asked me to describe my creative process. It’s a very good and stereotypical question to ask an artist, but Susan wasn’t expecting my answer. The thing is I really enjoy shutting off when I’m not in the studio. There’s a transition from the artist to a human when I’m outside. I was never the type to go on and on and on and on and on about theories and art outside of the studio. Talk to me about anything else besides art. I take that back. We can chat about art related things but for a short amount of time. Deal?

People do ask me how I get inspired to create a new self portrait and the answer is life. Life just happens and that’s what gets me going. Different events inspire different types of painting. The act of creating is my therapy. I can be selfish in the studio and not care about the real  world. There’s no one there to stop me when I’m destroying myself and then trying to put the pieces back together. “What’s his name” as I refer to a famous thinker who believed we have two selves and life is like a theatre set. We have the persona we create and project to others and then there’s the backstage version of ourselves. That’s where the fun stuff happens.

So what you’re seeing is my behind the scenes extras on my DVD special called “Life of a Cabba”. I work on several things at once so I’m not caught sitting around waiting for inspiration to bite me in the ass. So go ahead and be weird. Be fearless in the studio and do what you gotta do to be natural. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone or thing, it’s all good. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you again soon, Susan.