I know I’m an adult because December doesn’t excite me anymore. That doesn’t mean I’m a Grinch or anything, but it’s just another month but with more lights and fat capitalist men wearing red running around. Sometimes I wonder how we would explain this to aliens. Like try to explain the concept of a sport such as football to foreign life form who knows nothing about our planet. I would be so curious to know what aliens thought of my work. Would they understand human emotion or would it look boring to them? Would they think I’m some sort of a shapeshifter? A painter can only wonder.

Family Tree

Lately I’ve been doing my best to focus on finishing up projects before the new year. Biggest challenge has been trying to shut off the part of my brain that loves to come up with new ideas. I don’t want to start 2018 with 10 almost finished paintings in the studio. The other challenge is going to all these Christmas parties and spending time with friends during the holidays. Being loved and having love for so many people can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. My paintings will last forever so I’d rather enjoy those moments while they last.

I realize I don’t post any progression shots like I used to and I’m okay with that. If you follow me on instagram, you know everything that’s happening in my life. Maybe I want to be more of a mystery now? Or maybe I’m just too tired to start editing and transferring photos? Bottom line is work is being done. You’ll probably notice a massive dump of paintings happening in the very near future so be kind and hit the like button because Mark Zuckerberg is our overlord and we’re all sluts for likes.