Happy New Year because there’s a giant chance I haven’t seen you. Everything is back to normal including my pants size after holidays. I’ve started a brand new portrait of a friend because I was feeling a bit slow concerning the portrait of Charlie. It’s all about starting fresh in the new year and I don’t know why, but that sentence made me really hungry for pasta. That also isn’t the first time I’ve referenced hunger and food on here. I’m getting flashbacks of a more deliciously plump me circa 2005.


My other projects are moving forward. With the beginning of the year, I tend to feel a pressure on what’s going to be the first time I put out into the world. As if a brand new piece defines the tone for 2018. Due to whatever reasons that have been implanted in our minds, we tend to think that way. Rather than look at what I’m about to make, I took some time to look at what I made before 2017 closed up. I feel on a steady path with a decent incline. Still creating self portraits and I’m still making regular portraits along with everything in between. I am beginning to feel an itch to travel and see some museums for a bit of inspiration. Curiosity is getting to me to know what else is happening out there. Chances are I’ll pop by the Picasso museum this weekend to see what he’s up to.

Other than that, everything else is moving. 2018 is going to be a year I focus more on PR. As much as one artist can be talented, you need to be know to make it up the ranks. Many more social games are to be hand in the next 365 days. I already did a lot in one year. Let’s see what happens next.