This first part is me sounding like a proud art teacher/mom but I’m so happy seeing people use that google app to find their portraits in museums. The kids are getting involved in art and I’m loving it. Even though they will enslave us in the near future, I’m going to say Google is doing a great job. Call me crazy or full of myself, but one day people will be matching with my paintings.

Brut 36 The Bruts are growing and I’m satisfied for the moment. I’ve decided to work more in layers as opposed to just thick blobs of paint as to have a depth created in a pure abstract space. On the topic of mediums, I’m leaning towards playing around with something to loosen up the paint without damaging the pigment. Water is great and natural, but you loose a lot of quality. I consider mixing mediums into paint to be a lot like the concept of brunch. You don’t need it but my god it’s fun as hell.

Off the canvas, my Bruts are growing on shoes. If you’ve glanced at my instagram at all, you know what I’m talking about. I can’t reveal much, but there’s quite a few projects lined up for this year. For the record, this idea isn’t something new. Ever since Florence, I’ve rambled on about shoes and custom things. I feel with the times we live in, it’s important to create a “brand” of yourself. Call it what you want, but we both know it’s becoming more and more difficult to avoid. We’ll leave that for another conversation.