I’m looking back at my work I did just over a year ago and my god have I made some cheesy paintings. Who let me think I was good at the time? No honestly. One of you out there was hyping me up too much and there’s going to be hell to pay. Anyways, I’ve gotten much better since then and it’s all out of my system now. At least I hope it’s out. I’m curious to know how distasteful I’ll be a year from now looking at what I’ve yet to make.

I seem to be getting more into the habit of teaching and it’s great for a few reasons. It’s great to see someone take interest up in drawing/painting but also it helps me test my own understanding of what the hell I’m actually doing. I’m known for saying “if I could say it in words, then I wouldn’t be a painter” but this is a different story. It’s about the “how to” rather than the “what”. Having a second person to bounce the information off makes you see it in a different light. They don’t react the same way you do that’s for sure. When you explain how nature is filled with infinite angle breaks and there’s no such thing as a “curved” line, you probably wont get “okay” as an answer if they have at least 2 functioning brain cells. Whatever your thing is, you should try to explain it and see what happens.

My goal when I teach is not to create little Cabba clones. There’s already one of me and that’s more than enough. We don’t need anymore. We do need a you though. I want my students to have their own interpretation of what I say. Even if it means we get off track talking about the universe for an hour. I’m just one person spewing out noises that translate to instructions in your mind. Look how many other people make noises about art and listen to some of them, so that way all those noises will result in an image by you.