I hope you are all going to take advantage of the discounted Easter Candy or so help me god. The more I get older, the more in touch and up to date I become concerning discounted sweets. For my younger readers, I can’t tell you specific time it happens, but I can tell you I’ve accepted this as part of my personality. Honestly, I could have billions in my bank account and I’ll still be hyped about specials. It’s the little things in life that count.

Speaking of little things, this is one of my tiniest paintings I’ve made. I posted a story a while back on Instagram that I snapped a piece of wood in two in front of visitor. He came in and told me he couldn’t stand my work and that I should do the world a favour and stop painting. Remaining on the theme of “little things”, I enjoy freaking out Parisians with North American “careless flare” you could say so that we keep this blog PG. Of the two pieces of wood created by my theatrics, I created this little one. Piecing things together and creating collages from scraps has been very therapeutic. I feel I’m in a phase in my life that it’s all just tons of little things strung together to create my current condition. I’ve accepted it and decided to own it while it’s still happening.

I’m not going to jump and tell you the collages are self portraits, but they are a reflection of me. There’s no controlling it just as other artists tend to do the same. Look at most portraits out there. Most of the time you can see traits that are directly from the artist themselves that aren’t always done on purpose. I would say I’m a vessel for life to visualize itself but that sounds super pretentious and I’m too tired for that dialogue to begin. Keep and enjoy the little things.