Art is the result of a chaotic moment between objects and humans to put it lightly. A paint brush coming into contact with a canvas is absolute chaos when you think about it. Right now I’ve been thinking a lot about my Brut series above everything else. The collages and portraits are moving fine and I’m pleased, but I still feel I’m in this weird plateaux period with my abstracts. Dont get my wrong, they are going forward but I haven’t had that ridiculous “Ah-Ha!” moment. 

There’s a lot noise being juggled in my mind as I question this series. I’ve pushed the transparencies more and more, but now it feels they’ve blended really into each other to the point it’s becoming flat. Keep in mind I spend most of my hours of the day spaced out in front of these. It needs a pop. Maybe you’re reading this wondering why I’m being so critical. Well I have to be. Who else is here to do it? I know these can grow into something more. What’s the point of repeating the same practice over and over again without any changes especially when it comes to art? Do you eat the same meal every day? I’m also managing the millennial artist side of me of wanting to produce them quickly so I can have more content to show my audience. So there’s this light layer of guilt when I’m thinking about them that creates a vicious cycle because I have to think about them in order to finish them properly.

The Bruts translated onto sneakers very nicely, but that adds an element to the original series. Once there’s a commercial use of fine art, it has an effect on how we view it. How many time’s have I seen the Mona Lisa on containers of ice cream and now I hate that painting. That has to be kept in mind as I make these. Will people say “The shoes are based of the paintings” or “the paintings are based off the shoes”? It’s all part of the game when you cross creative borders.