Apart from the World Cup madness, it’s been such a lovely week. To the point I feel like my spirit is smiling. For god sake I have a kick in my step and that’s messing me up in the best of ways. There hasn’t been much painting happening in the atelier because I’ve been collaborating with Carrie Beth Waghorn. Apart from being an amazing artist and human being, I have the honour to call her my friend.

I mentioned a while back that I’d be working on some pieces regarding self love lost and value. Well this is what I’ve been referencing. Carrie and I met close to a year ago in Paris and she’s the first artist to collaborate with me in Atelier Cabba. These are only two photos but we have so much more to edit. It’s also my first time dabbling in just photography as well as modelling nude with someone. To be very honest I was nervous but I knew I needed to do it. We both needed to create this. There’s a lot going on with this project that spills into our personal lives like the subject of freedom. This was creative freedom but also a celebration of freedom in our lives. There’s a surprising amount of emotional shards shared between two people who have been broken.

There’s a lot more to talk about with the upcoming photos, but with these two there was an immense sense of liberation. Shaking off negativity and diving into a new future.Working with someone like Carrie isn’t a stress. Everything just flows. There’s no judgment or bad ideas. Compared to the times I collaborated and painted side by side with artists, we were speaking. There were moments it felt like we were one creative tool. It turned out to be such a happy experience. I feel like I’m one sentence away from transforming into those spiritual youtube videos that go off about energy and connecting. A lot of beauty and good came out of this. Stay tuned for the rest of the series.

As for Carrie, I highly recommend you follow her work and support her as an artist. She’s a type of light that you never really knew existed but shortly after you start to realize you need it in your life. Her and I are going to be friends till the end. She’s family. Seeing her grow and do her thing makes me feel so proud. Working with her has done wonders for me and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.