I’m writing this a long side other artist statements because why not make it a creative description online fiesta. A lot of time has passed after I worked with Carrie Beth Waghorn on our collaboration. Ideas and thoughts got to marinate for a bit and now feels like a good time to really talk about what it is we did.

This collaboration came to fruition as a result of heartbreak experienced by both artists. A homage to the loss of self while loving another. Artists surrender the deepest parts of themselves to society, a dynamic that is echoic of their interpersonal lives. Among the severed pieces of the past, two bodies alliterate their story as a whole, depicting the harmony found within each artists wounds. Each image tells a story of disparity set in a ruptured forest made from memories. Shapes transverse and abstract the human form as a metaphor for the matrix of lost identity reclaimed by self love. Discovering themselves together, the artists step away with something to give again.

That’s the official statement regarding the bulk of our series. There will be more posted on other platforms since Instagram is very touchy about nudity. Like I stated in the previous post, we both needed to do this. It’s therapeutic. Both of us coming out of relationships put us directly outside our comfort zones, so why not do the same with art? (at least on my part). As some one who has had issues with self image and self love, it’s a big step for me and I’m happy I got to take it with Carrie. Who would of guessed I’d be posting myself nude on my blog for everyone to see. Of course I expect to be roasted by my friends. If I wasn’t being poked at by them, they wouldn’t be my friends, but they do know what this means to me. I can’t take a nap without being called out. It’s what friends do.

So go out and be you. Don’t let society’s ideas of self image get in the way. You want to wear whatever it is you want to wear or not wear anything at all and take photos or paint yourself in the moment, go do it. We have enough restraints in this world, so why put more on yourself? The world wants to see the art you’re going to make. Don’t let insecurities and worry get in your way. You have stories to tell.