Here I am writing with the keys to my new studio spinning around my finger. It has finally happened and it’s a beautiful thing. I want to take time in this post to really thank everyone who’s been there to support me since the start. There was a time I disliked Montreal and spoke against it, but over time I realized what a blessing that city was for me and how fortunate I am to have such amazing friends there. You guys always checked in and sent sweet messages no matter what. You all have a piece of my heart.

A thank you is in order for those of you I met along the way. The one’s that didn’t laugh at me when I said I wanted to make it big. Of course we had our jokes like any healthy friendship has, but you believed in me. Especially when I felt uprooted in a foreign country, that’s when it really meant the most.

I guess this is the paragraph where I address the people who weren’t there but I really can’t be bothered anymore. You’re not part of the team. What else is there for me to say? Getting to this point required me to grow and I’ve put those days of being the biggest dickhead I can possibly be behind me. Receiving this space and opportunity would have turned into a mess if we were back in 2013. It would be like giving a 5-year-old the keys, codes, and entire full staff to run NASA.

So whoever you are reading this, thanks for whatever input you gave to me on my journey so far. Good or bad, you contributed in some way to me getting up this far. Now I have to stop talking and start being Armando Cabba again.