I feel this is one of the only places I can write without being asked a specific question. Maybe this is the point where I start having major first world problems and complain about being interviewed. To be honest, it’s great having people notice me and ask me things. I just forget they aren’t actually in my head 90% of the time which results in me having to answer them. These are just stepping stones until I get to sit on a talk show couch and speak about real things. By that, I mean comical stories that have really nothing to do with my work. Then you’ll see my bearded face hosting SNL.

My paintings feel like they are on the move right now. What keeps me going is having many projects happening at once. That way I never feel blocked by one piece. You can’t control oil paint. You have to work with it otherwise it will literally look like shit at the end. Brown disgusting strokes. I’ve taken a break from the Brut series not because I’m fed up or tired, but my principals regarding art supplies. You can say I’m having some sort of a stand off with french art store prices right now. They’re charging drug related fees for a material I need and that I know damn well costs 1/8th the price back in Canada. When you see more Brut posts, you’ll know I cracked or I got a new plug.

There’s going to be some more press related things coming out from me this Fall. Unconsciously, I think I’ve been experimenting more due to all the interviews and articles. Part of me believes it’s because I’ve had extra time to think over what I’ve been doing. The other part is my confidence being higher, thus resulting in me doing whatever I want in the studio. Either way I’m happy with this recent outcome. Collage coming into my self portraits. What a time to be alive.