I’ve finally been hit with that seasonal fatigue due to the change of season causing the Sun to get off work early. As much as I don’t understand why it has to be night time at 4 pm, I still won’t jump on the flat earth train. Don’t bother arguing with them either. Trust me. I know I’m not the only one dealing with these winter feelings and I’ve come to the conclusion we would have to all become vampires. Being a blood sucker of the night would suck so much for me considering I paint myself over and over again. How the hell would I see my reflection? You just witnessed me creating stress out of an unrealistic scenario.

I’m grinding away with Max in the studio and I’ve hit that post-finish slow period. This always happens during the remaining 2 weeks of work. That unavoidable lag trying to put in the finishing touches and making everything work. One thing I’ve noticed that’s more complicated with this portrait in particular is the clothing. Max has a fashion background and his style is a major part of his identity. Let’s also talk about how much red he’s wearing if you’ve seen my posts on Instagram. I’m using pure pigment pumped paints and I’m already down 80% of the tube trying to get it right. Clothing isn’t just a few brush strokes and that’s it. Everything he’s wearing requires enormous amounts of attention. Not doing the jacket justice would be like if I gave up on painting his eye. It’s called fashion, darling.

With Max approaching the finish line, I have my two new models ready to go. Let’s not forget Sam because that’s impossible. I’m excited to be where I’m at with everything, but wrestling my mind is tiring. I want to be finished yet work on everything all at the same time. I’m like an unsatisfied octopus who can’t focus. Those are my ramblings for this Friday evening. Doesn’t matter what time it is where you are, we both know it’s dark. Have a good night.