I think we all saw the image of this post coming (no pun intended) when it came to the number. At least on my website there aren’t any restrictions because it’s my goddamn page on the matrix. Speaking of God, I do want to take time going into the thoughts concerning Notre Dame. It was a mishap regarding renovations or at least that’s my understanding of why it was on fire. I feel mainstream media from the west would like to say otherwise so it fits a very terrifying narrative. Of course it sucks that part of it burned down, but there are so many other issues this has brought up and exposed regarding how our world works.

As an artist and someone who lives in Paris, it was a shock. I do pray at church and I have spent a significant amount of time in that one in particular. Christianity is already a giant mess and I don’t agree with the people who teach it. Did we all forget that the Catholic Church has literally most of the money? Like almost all of it? In the United States alone, they declared 175 Billion Dollars in donations last year. I’m not at all against people giving to charity whatsoever, but there’s a lot to talk about concerning how this all was handled. The speed of how this was wild. There were many articles touching on this subject of basically how easy it is for the rich to actually do something if they really cared about the situation. What about Flint? What about Puerto Rico? 100 Million Euros in 24 hours from one family for some burnt wood is quite the statement. We’re really lucky most of the sculptures were removed a few days before and that only one stained glass window was lost. That was thanks to the hard work of the firefighters and volunteers involved. None of them were rushing to help in exchange for a tax write off.

If only people cared about saving lives as much as they cared about saving a building. All the posts from people on their Euro-trip spreading love and support infested all our news feeds. Imagine we all did that for the people in crisis in Syria? France almost lost a church, but there are countless countries around the world that are losing lives because people in power refuse to act. Maybe billionaires don’t like the heat being turned up? That’s not true because none of them have donated to any cause concerning global warming. Things would be different if those people represented a symbol of white history and craftsmanship, but we sadly don’t live in that reality.

On the painting side of things, there hasn’t been much work done in the studio. I’ve been so occupied with life, paper work, and art competitions. I’m hoping to at least pump one self portrait out before May, but who knows. Living in a period where the real world catches up with you.