So far it’s been the 2nd day I’m officially in the studio and open to the public. My mind is overwhelmed in all ways you can imagine. I’ve had some people already come in and express how happy they are that there’s an artist working and exposing in the area. I feel I have the Arrondissement’s blessing. What’s pushing my brain to freak out are two things; having a space like this and finally painting again. If you want an accurate picture, imagine a dog running around a new home with tons of toys everywhere.

This first week is really going to teach me how to manage my atelier and work while people enter and leave during the course of the day. The language barrier is a plus because I can have serious conversations with people while my 00’s throwback playlist is going off in the back. I do have to control myself not to come off cold when I’m in the middle of working. This concept of actually meeting and seeing the artist one on one is a new concept for my visitors and myself. The plan right now is to work on my Brut series during the day and focus on my portraiture during the evening when the doors are closed. I really want to rant to you about life and everything yet I want to be an obsessive isolated demon as I put 8 hours into rendering an eyelid.

Work space

Don’t think this is another blog post where Cabba is complaining about first world problems. I’m super happy, but it’s time for me to catch my balance. Even as I’m writing this in my studio, someone came in to chat for 15 minutes. I find it’s a beautiful thing to hear about someone’s story and to be in a city where my art doesn’t feel alien in a negative sense. Feedback is being given and I can grow.

If it means anything, hang in there. Based on the 24 hours I’ve been open and painting, it was all worth it. All the waiting, the frustration, the let downs, and the “we don’t trust Canadians’ was all worth reaching this point. So if life is really in the gutter for you right now, just remember to stay in there. Keep fighting because you have don’t know how good it’s really going to be in the end.