I’m officially a TedX speaker. It’s done. It’s in the bag. I’m part of the Ted Talk roster. After being on stage speaking to mass amounts of people, I have to say I enjoy it. A huge thank you to everyone who was involved along with all of those who came out to the event. Everyone’s been emailing me for the link, but you’ll get it when I get it. My issue is keeping down these grand rockstar dreams of going on tour to speak at people about myself and mental health like it’s a Motley Crüe concert.

With all the moving parts that went on for the TED event along with life in general, I haven’t had much time to paint as much as I would like to.  Maybe it’s just me looking too much into things and feeling a mix of paranoia and self awareness, but the rhythm has changed. The sudden impact of summer weather isn’t helping because all I want to do is sit outside with a beer in the shade watching the world go by in sundresses. It’s not the worry I won’t get back into it, but the common struggle of any modern day creative that they feel they aren’t doing enough. The processes of accepting you are valid when you aren’t creating is a bit of a long one. We’re all going to get there and feel it’s true.

In regards to what I’m working on in the studio, I’m painting balls. Testicles that are part of my on going religious series. I used to complain about how lips are complicated to paint, but my god are the boobs of the penis some next level shit. For the sake of this post I have to keep it brief, but you all know I can give a whole Ted Talk on painting balls. Patience and understanding make the painting and that applies to this subject just as much.