The whole 2pm is the new 10 pm due to it being November has been taking a toll on us all. Already I have a hard time believing in time as something that exists, let alone being in darkness in the middle of the day because seasons. I feel my work is reflecting the whole ordeal in regards to subject matter. I’ve been pushing my religious series a lot further with the cover of darkness. There’s always been this weird feeling of working on them in daylight. You know when you see people come out of sex shops at like 12:30 pm on a Tuesday? It’s that reaction of “wow, it’s early” But should intimacy have a specific time? Crazy when you think about how we all think it’s an action related to night time due to the long gruelling hours of the work day. Thank you, Capitalism.

So what do we do when we feel blue in winter? We paint about it obviously. The snowy season isn’t all that bad. I personally dislike summer due to the fact I sweat in places I didn’t even know about. There hasn’t been the rush of inspiration to create more than one self portrait at a time. Thinking about why I’m painting more intimate pieces is a no brainer. It’s cold out and we all crave touch and attention. Many of you clearly agree with me based on the engagement I’ve been receiving on all my social media platforms.

On a technical level, it’s a trip. They don’t teach you how to paint foreskin and labias in any art school. I’m tempted to begin tutorial videos for those of you interested. Using a square is always a challenge for any artist because you can’t rely on the medium to help you out. It’s all you. Don’t use a circle because its’ all equal. Go use a square if you can and put your composition knowledge to the test. I double dog dare you.