Shout out to everyone in quarantine. To all the people who thought working at home was easy, all I have to say is “Welcome to Thunder Dome” No really, it takes some time to adjust, but you get the hang of it. I do hope all of you are being safe and responsible. If you’re sick, stay in bed, drink all the liquids, and break that fever. You can do it. As a painter who is isolated and stays indoors very long periods of time, I can’t say I’m feeling a lifestyle switch.

Armando Cabba Self PortraitI’m going to take time to share my opinion on whats going for whatever it’s worth. If you’re reading this to distract yourself, don’t worry I’m not going fuel your fears with my rant. It is a crazy time, but we all need to do our part. That doesn’t mean going out and hoarding food and toilet paper to sell it. It also doesn’t mean being racist. My concern with everything going on is how humanity is behaving. For sure, this illness matters especially to those who are older and already have existing health complications. It is serious, but that doest give you the green light to be a lunatic. As much as social distancing does help reduce the spread of the virus, your mindset is contagious too. It’s completely valid to be afraid and not sure what’s going to happen, but don’t drown yourself in the news. Unplug a bit and see what else is happening in the world. Weinstein is going to prison so there’s a win. We’re living in a chapter of a history book right now by the looks of things. What I’m getting at is try not to waste energy creating panic and fear because you never know how someone else will react.

We’re witnessing a lot here as we sit in our homes. Governments are capable of providing work conditions for people with disabilities as we can now write emails and do meetings without going into the office. Nature is healing, but don’t get on the bandwagon that people are the virus of the planet and need to be eliminated. It’s capitalism that is the problem. It’s the big companies that take without consideration or thought for the future. I know we’re all trying to get by, but please consider the smaller business that are open. The super stores and big chain restaurants will survive. If you have the option of ordering from the little guy, please do it. You’re helping way more than you can imagine.

Now, what do we do with all this going on? Read that book you’ve been putting off, binge watch whatever series you like, get to that project you’ve always wanted to start, sleep in, etc. Those “Rise n Grind” people on social media can shut up because productivity isn’t a personality. Take this time for you. The world is occupied with a lot and you’re allowed to focus on yourself for a while. Why not discover some new artists online? Share and comment on their work. Boost up others with all this free time. Don’t forget to be polite and thank your delivery person. Tip if you can. They’re heroes in all of this and deserve hell of a lot more than minimum wage.

So that’s what I got to say about Corona. We’ll get through this together. Keep in touch with your loved ones. Stay inside and rest up. I love you.