My Lord, has it be a while since I’ve slapped away at my keyboard on here. It really seems the world is on fire at the moment from Covid-19 all the way to Black Lives Matter. If you’re not upset, you haven’t been paying attention. To everyone who has been showing up at protests, spreading information and resources, and taking positive initiatives, I’m beyond proud of all of you. Change is happening, but there’s still lots of work to be done. How wonderful that people want to change names of streets, but the system needs to be changed. Until then, it’s like there’s two different conversations going on. We still have ways to go.

Armando Cabba

While the revolution was going on, I turned 30. Fuck. It is a privilege to age and I don’t see the point in making grandpa jokes. Now I get to give lessons to people about what being in your 20’s is all about. I think I would have never believed 10 years ago I’d grow up to be living in Paris painting genitalia as a kinda renowned artist. Life is wild. I think I am going to remove my foot from the erotic art gas pedal a little and focus a bit more on my other work. It’s calling to me and I miss it now. Of course, I’ll have one or two on the back burner at all times, but my Instagram feed won’t constantly look like the front page of PornHub. No need to panic to all my horny followers out there.

On the subject of breaks, I do hope you are all taking care of yourselves mentally with everything going on. The burnout is a very real thing and there’s no shame in taking time for yourself. The lesson I’m learning is to not always forcing myself to be productive. I’m working on letting go of that guilt of actually enjoying time I have and not beating myself up when I’m not swinging paint brushes around. So if it means anything from this now 30 year old, remember to get some rest. You can’t overthrow white supremacy when your battery is on empty. Wear a mask.