Trump lost. Trump fucking lost. God, is that a relief for so many people. There’s still a lot of work to do and we can’t lose sight of that. At least we have that bit of good news in the god awful year that’s 2020. I’d kick myself in the ass and say that I’m really behind on writing posts on here, but not much is happening. We’re back in lockdown obviously. There’s not a lot I can rant on regarding my couch and tight living situation. I do manage to get my 10 000 steps in from time to time just by passing around talking to myself because at the end of the day that’s the homie.

I’ve already gone on about it again, but I feel it needs to be repeated that it’s okay if you’re not productive during these times. You’re here and surviving and that’s already a lot. Fuck, there’s a global crisis going on. It’s easy to lose sight of that. Be gentle with yourself. Work wise, it’s a lot of erotic art popping up these days. Only bummer is that I was in the final swings of finishing up Sam and that has to take a break because pandemics and all. Who knows, I might be able to make something happen and bring the canvas here and finish her before the year ends. You really do realize how complicated a painting is in the middle and right near the end. Lots of tiny details to nail, but more how everything works together. The reference becomes a bit useless after that and it’s the piece talking to you directly. If you follow my nonsense on instagram, you know what I’m up to.

Apart from all that noise, I’ve been diving into guesting on podcasts as of late. Chitchatting away on the cyber airwaves which is a palette cleanser from being hunched over a painting. It’s kind of replaced the self portrait part of my work since I’m babbling on about my life and feelings. They’ll come back though don’t worry. In this weird time, I don’t feel the necessity of continuing the series because it’ll feel a bit forced. Fighting against online censorship is quite fun and being a part of the Sex Positive world online is great. What more can I say? Hope you’re staying safe and hopefully we’ll see each other in the new year.