I was going to write a long post before the year ended about 2020, but I think we all had enough of that noise. Honestly, I don’t want to get into it considering how rough it was for everyone. We’re all going to have to work on ourselves to process everything that happened and is still going on. A more personal reason I wasn’t writing or painting was because I had to take some time off. This was one of those times I really felt the end of year fatigue and if I refused to take time off, my body would end up picking a different week for me.

Armando Cabba

So what’s going on you may wonder? It’s Monday morning and I’m on my second coffee typing to you right now. This is as close as a live broadcast you’re going to get from me. If you follow me on Instagram, you’re aware of how vocal I’ve been concerning their new Terms of Service that went into play on the 20th of December. It’s Tumblr all over again, but impacting a larger audience. My brain has been working on ways to get my work up and I’ve tried some new ideas. Already you should be aware all my erotic work has Renaissance titles. A lot of people didn’t know and that blows my mind you don’t read anything online. The title technique already gets it posted, but now the algorithm is tightening up like a nun. I did post my idea of ZUCKERFLAGE ™ which lasted a whole day until being reported. It worked on my burner account and is still live, so it’s leading me to believe it’s not my ideas, but rather someone reporting my posts on my main profile.

Maybe you’re thinking “I don’t want to ever see your hardcore work on Instagram. They should delete it. Go somewhere else” First of all, if you’re reading this you are on my website I pay for and I can do whatever I want. Secondly, you’re wrong because it shouldn’t be deleted, but you should be more in favour of Instagram making an option for it to exist without erasing an entire community. I don’t want to ruin your day and I sure as hell don’t want to see you unconsciously turn into a bigot because you want to eliminate an entire community due to your personal comfort along with lack of knowledge on the subject. Forgive me if I believe you’re better than that and intelligent enough to do the research after reading this if it really bugs you.  Welcome to 2021.