Ideas are flying around right now concerning a date to have some sort of an official opening. Part of this whole art thing is showing it to people plus all the wine and cheese needs to be had. Since it is the holiday season, things are tricky concerning who’s in town and other big shopping events happening around the same time. Santa Claus is really not helping my situation right now.

First Brut to be done in Paris and it has most certainly evolved from where I left off in Florence. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve switched to acrylic and that makes my life so much more efficient. Being a painter means spending endless hours watching paint dry, but I have my limits. If I continued with oils, we’d be here till Easter. What I can do in a month and a half can be achieved in less than a week. Mixing my own colours has made a huge difference. Looking back at it now, I was making baby steps. I started off with a very muted palette and then I played the super safe card using the primary colours. I took my own advice this time and made my own Cabba colours.

Brut 17

One of my concerns was that the paint would be already dry before I could make my next stroke. Luckily for me, acrylic scientists have pushed the boundaries of that medium to the extreme. Go to any art store and you’ll find walls of mediums to mix in that can make it do anything. Like legitimately anything you can think of, acrylic paint is already on it. In all seriousness, I think you can turn it into a really strong glue. I’m going to create my own line of paints and have the slogan be “Cabba Acrylics : Doing The Most”

So that’s my update for this week. Words can’t describe how great it feels to be producing again. My flow is back and everything is falling into place in the atelier. Writing this part right now feels like I’m sitting with my therapist at the begging of our session and when they ask “how are things?” I reply “I’m good”.