I’m still without a stable internet connection. Being in Italy is wonderful, but things here move at half the speed of smell. 15 year old me would be bitching “I can’t play Call of Duty. This is bullshit”. 24 year old me is saying “I can’t play Call of Duty or answer that curator’s email. This is bullshit”. It’s crazy how dependant we are on it, but it has its advantages. I’ve been reading and spending more time outside appreciating the Tuscan landscape. I feel like I’m turning into Julia Roberts from Eat, Pray, Love.


Luckily for me, I’m not one of those artists who absolutely needs a connection to the matrix in order to work. Brut #4 is finished. Working on paintings that aren’t based off anything is like swimming in the deep end without any floaties on. There’s no image to hold you up and you have to trust yourself to stay afloat. A language is developing. They’re communicating better this time around. Only thing I can say is what my last painting teacher would say and that’s “Cool, keep going”.


The commission is coming together. Elements are beginning to have harmony and we’re all reminded that I can still paint portraits. Even though it’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve done this, I’m still advancing this part of me. Like I did with Victoria, I’m occupied with composition. I know I should take it up a level by including two figures, but in the meantime I want to push my boundaries while working on one. The portraits I find incredibly strong are the ones that are thought of as a whole. The canvas is the person rather than just his face. One thing I hate are the unfinished corners. Either leave it mostly unfinished or cover it up. Don’t leave that 96.5% sliver. Its cliché and you’re not special despite your mom telling you were a snowflake as a child.