I’ve spent the previous couple of days exploring more of the “scene” here in Florence. I met a group of artists working across town and I had a private tour of the fashion school here. Not being drowned in traditional work is so refreshing. Perfectly sculpted human bodies gets boring after a while. The artists I met run a store/studio across town. They really reminded of my friends back home who I’d party with at the lofts by the tracks. Downtown earth good people with a crazy sense of humor partnered with an under the counter taste in music. I loved it. The fashion school made me laugh because everyone looks like they’re from Tumblr. All black everything with apple products talking aboutthe ever so great aesthetic of irony. Beautiful.


I’ve had a technical realization in the studio while working on Voldemort’s portrait. My time painting portraits here has been spent gradually increasing values and tones, but I realized I wasn’t achieving it as fast as I wanted for one simple reason. Your boy forgot to put one color on his palette. This whole time I’ve been working without it. You can’t make yellow go darker than black, but I thought I could. So for a while I was repeating the same thing over and over expecting to achieve a different result. That’s the definition of insanity. Funny thing is I got it to work without the color because I’m Armando Cabba, but I still need it on my palette. Now things can move forward in more of a straight line.

The other thing I’ve realized is that it’s time for me to start something new. The two portraits are close to each other in terms of development. It’s come to a point where I’m doing the same thing over and over resulting in a routine. I’m not a fan of those. Because of my distaste for repetition, I’ve switched things up by working at night, but it’s not helping. The Bruts are almost dry, so I’ll be able to pin up 2 new ones by the end of this week. Hopefully that helps, but I also want to start one more piece. I’ve been itching for this self portrait I keep going on about. I ordered by canvas today, so let’s hope the Italian delivery guy will bring it on time. There’s a lot I want to say and figure out at the same time, but words and thoughts can’t help me. I need my brush. I need paint. I paint therefor I am. I need me.