If I didn’t take a day off from the studio, I know I would never write this. I’ve been contently working this whole week. From the commission to the abstracts and finally my new self portrait. I’m excited. This is the type of thing I love to do. Every morning I wake up ready to kick ass, eat lightning, crap thunder, and every other macho expression. Things are moving and I’m not bored. My attention span is the most crucial element. If I can’t entertain myself, I’m fucked. I desire a high level of mental stimulation and variety. This is why I would never be able to just paint a pot of flowers. I literally can’t wrap my head around it. If it works for you, have fun and enjoy yourself. Put that bouquet in front of me and I’ll flip it and the table it’s sitting on over before going out to get a beer.


If I had to join the conversations of hating our “jobs”, I’d have to say that I’m annoyed by the time limit I have on this commission. We can’t win all the time. Sometimes we get lucky and go 300 and other times we have to accept doing 100. I’ve lucked out on having unlimited amounts of time, but this needs to be done by December. Sure, I can speed through it and not worry, but I don’t half ass things. If I slacked off, my name wouldn’t be Armando Cabba. One of eye is done. If you paint portraits, you know how important this is. The eyes have the most contrast on the face and it’s the first place we look when we want to interact with someone. There’s the whole “windows to the soul” blah blah blah which is true, but there is something else that can’t be described with parts of a house.


So here we have my new self portrait. I’ve moved on from being the Taylor Swift of painting to something more emotional like The Weeknd. We’ve all seen my portraits of women I’ve fallen in and out of love with, but now I’m changing it up. I lost the woman that knows me best a while back. There’s a lingering mourning period. She was smart because she refused to be painted by me. Instead of examining her, I’m going to explore myself. She wasn’t the problem. I have my issues and because of them we are worlds apart. This piece is not only my way of letting go, but an effort to find some inner peace. I’m not sitting here complaining in front of my com imagine meeting again one day because hope is a slow killing poison which the only antidote for is a miracle. This is my therapy and you are witnessing my cleansing, but first let’s have toast.