Painting with brooms is actually amazing. Yes, you read that correctly. Big brushes are both hard to find and ridiculously expensive on this side of the world. One thing that being in Fine Arts taught me is how to spend the least amount of money possible. All artists are crooks and weasels. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. I’ve seen people use other people’s pencil shavings for drawings. We’re survivors. Back to using brooms, it’s a more involving experience physically. Instead of just using my arm, I’m turning my whole core as I make my marks. My body reflects the gesture of the brush stroke.  Another part of me thinks I can profit off this by creating a television show that’s a mix of Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting and P90x. It’s the business part of me. I’ll get all the Whole Foods house wives painting in their yoga pants.


I’m thinking a bit differently with these ones. For whatever reason I’m thinking more about my moves and where to paint than just creatively throwing up on the canvas. All artists tell you they know, but I can tell you I know that I don’t know yet what I should know to tell you. You know? I think it was Degas that said painting gets harder as you get better at it. I wouldn’t describe my process as difficult, but more like a game a chess after sex. Composition is forever important and on my mind and I have no fear about destroying a piece. I know not everything I do will be a home run. Maybe I finally developed a taste for my visual language? I feel this is an answer I will maybe have when I’m old as balls and have little art majors as assistants running around my studio.


One of these pieces is a square and not by choice. The canvas guardian at the store fucked up cutting and gave me less than I wanted. I took it as a challenge because a square is the hardest area to compose. You have no place to hide and you can’t rely on a side. I’ve gone on about this before in my older posts. It’s fun and keeps things different. These two feel more minimalist than my others. My series clearly would not fit in to that category, but I’m being more precise and simple. More is less and less is more. That whole Ikea interior decorator line we all heard.


Being back on my self portrait is fun. I also have tons of questions about that piece. Art is never an answer and you have Armando Cabba’s permission to slap anyone who tells you that it is. They’re morons. Every piece is a question being asked and its response is another question. You can never stop. You can only ask more and more questions and develop an idea of an answer and then question the hell out of that. I know I’ve taken the piss out of people who just paint flowers all day, but now I’m starting to think that I just don’t understand their questions. Daisies don’t do it for me. Have fun playing detective as you jerk off in a garden. Moving away from that image, there’s a lot of silent discussions happening between my work in I these days. We have a lot to talk about.