Since there’s no electricity in the studio, I’m taking this as a sign to finally write something here again. To be honest, I haven’t felt the need to post anything for a while now. I find it’s very easy for people to talk about painting than to actually paint. You have to earn the right to be old and sit around in museum documentaries mumbling about the practice. I’ve meet some people who claim to be artists but don’t answer you when you ask them “What’s your medium?” That happened to me last week. I don’t know this guy’s name, but when I asked about what kind of work he does, he answered with stories of famous artists he met personally. It’s about as exciting and intellectually stimulating as me stating “I ate a cookie this one time” as my artist statement. The paintings outlive the artist. Doesn’t matter how smooth of talker you are, your work is going to be there long after you are gone.

To make up for not blogging as much, I’ve been using Instagram a lot more. All our attention spans are shot to shit anyways and who doesn’t like looking at photos with predictable filters put on them? I’m adapting and letting you in the moment I’m having. Sculpting is now a party of my life. I’m learning the traditional academic way to make wet mud look like things. It’s a not so different way of thinking for me. I think like a sculptor when I paint when it comes to creating and massing form. Sculpting is easier in the sense that instead of creating an illusion on a 2D surface, it’s actually right there in front of you. I can walk around, touch it, slap it, lick it, etc. The Skull is great practice because it’s stagnant, helps with my understanding of anatomy, and it’s the coolest thing ever if I were still 13 years old. Once I’m finished, I’m going to learn about bronzing. Because of art history, I figure the Italians are good at that type of shit.


Another Brut in the bag this week. 2 big things happened in this round. First, I have discovered that using regular fans helps the drying time immensely. The second part is a bit longer than just me finally figuring out appliances exist to move air quickly towards certain directions. I decided to push the color some more. The previous pieces were really grey. I swapped out the neutrals for more vibrant ones so I’d have a bit more kick. These are still developing and I don’t think it’s possible to lose. Either you have a great piece, or you learnt a lesson, or you have both. I’m all in on this bet. It’s too easy to sit here and tell you what I want to do or where I think these are going. All it is anyway is ideal hopes covered in art school terminology. You won’t know if you can make good paintings unless you paint Reciting the recipe doesn’t mean a thing at the end of the day.