Months of doing stuff and things, I have returned to dump my thoughts and opinions into the cyber world. I honestly have no idea where I left off. The reason I haven’t been posting any blog entries is because I’ve been back in Canada preparing my move to Paris. Being back home has it’s ups and downs. Great seeing all my friends and family, but I can’t paint and going out to the bar is more expensive than I remember. It’s been wonderful to properly catch up with people rather than shove them all in a room at once with mass amounts of alcohol and hope I won’t cry. After all the americanized chinese food and maple syrup everything I could eat, I’m ready to go back.

I’ve sketched a bit, but it’s never been my thing. “Watercolours are like paints!” That’s like having sex with a condom. Anytime I come into contact with a pen and paper I tend to draw penises all over the place. In between all the balls and shafts, I did have a few little ideas but it’s not painting. Moleskin journals don’t give me that high I get when I’m in front of a canvas because drawing materials aren’t toxic. Being here for so long has made me hungry to create. I don’t know what’s going to come out of me when I get back into my studio. Part of me worries I have forgotten how to do Armando Cabba paintings. It’s not because I haven’t been working, it’s because I’ve been thinking. I’m not sitting here looking at photos of my paintings like a balding middle aged man looking back at his high school year book remembering when he was “cool”. Explanation kills art.

I feel people are losing the desire to think and want answers given to them. Sure I have my reasons and explanations behind each one of my pieces, but that doesn’t mean you need to know them. Anyways the reason why I’m making sense of things is to tell someone else who is not me. I already know deep in my subconscious what I’m doing. You’ll read my little explanation next to my painting on that transparent tag all us artists get hard ons for and glance at my piece and walk away. I’m sure this is the reason I haven’t written on this like I used to. Midway writing this paragraph my brain has switched tones and I don’t even want to stay on the subject. Thoughts are weird and I want you to have your own weird ones instead of using mine. Go be bizarre and make opinions.

I can write artist statements and blurbs using all the vocabulary in I learnt in school, but fuck it. The rules are boring when it comes to explaining yourself. It was easy back in university because we weren’t really making art, but our texts justified it as art. Now that I’m making art for me like Marc Jacobs makes clothes for himself, what’s a paragraph going to do?