With my studio being absent of electricity and the endless noises of home renovations happening in the apartment under me, I have decided that I must annoy everyone. It’s a choo choo train of frustration. It’s these magic moments that really push me to be social online again. Good news is I’ll be done my projects this month so I’m not too bummed out about it. I can always pull a Goya and wear a candle chandelier on my head and scamper around my studio in the middle of the night.


8-9-10 came out of me after being away for so long. I feel the self portraits are my thing. Safe to say after years and years of doing them.  You are your most fascinating subject with endless creative goo to grab and turn it into something. These paintings are my pulse. The beat might not always sound the same or be consistent, but you know I’m still alive.  Humanity is produced with imperfection and given life with consistency. The next one is already plotted in my head.

As for the Brut series, it’s coming along but I’ve gotten slightly bored, so I’ve started to use my hands. Best tools ever. Kids are the best teachers for this. I’ve been a weirdo on the internet watching Youtube videos of children finger painting. Cops are for sure watching me. Even if there were any issue, I’ll get away with it because art can be anything and I’m a white male. Seriously, I am just re-learning how to paint with my hands. Pedophilia is fucking strange. Children are annoying little hell beasts that run on ego and crushed dreams of those around them and why would anyone feel attraction to that? I’m breaking down that “adult” wall to free up my movements.