As of late, I’ve been watching lots of documentaries on contemporary artists and I’ve been thinking about what it means to have assistants in the studio. When there’s an incredible demand, I understand how it helps to have art minions running around doing things for you. My question is wouldn’t you be jealous? Most of the fun is in making your pieces. What are the limits you put on them helping you? When do you actually work on it? What’s the ratio of your touch vs the hired help? If I were to have an eager painting companion, I’d ask them to only fetch fresh canvases and set up them up. Then we can all drink beers while I work. They’d get the beers of course.

I’m quite pleased with Charlie and I’m taking this as lesson to never again paint stripes. If Satan had to design my personal inferno, it would include having to paint stripes all day long. There is an evolution happening on the realist end of my work. I feel I’m getting better not just technique wise, but in capturing the essence of that person. My goal has never been to be in the photorealism category. Before any of the photorealist fans go crazy, I never said I was up to that level. Painting raindrops in reflections of other reflections with a single hair brush never excited me.

If you’ve tuned into my instagram, you know I’m working on another portrait with a complicated shirt because why should I make things easy for myself? It’s fun though, but I am taking a break and working on tinier pieces. My mood has been all over the place. Since it’s still energy, I try to use my negative emotions into something positive. A bad case of the blues can’t keep me down. Keep the flow going. Today was different. I needed to get out and sit in the sun for a bit. Take this as a sign that it’s okay to step away here and there if you need to.