With recent events happening in the news, it’s becoming more difficult not to want to put down my brush and be more socially active. I’ve explained it before in my Mike Brown post, but there is a point where you take a side. We are living in one of these eras that will be in the history books. You ever read certain events and wonder what you would do? Well now is your time.

I have a few opinions concerning artists who remain neutral. As one who interacts with people daily or at social events, it is “touchy” getting into the subjects of politics. You may not want to offend someone because it will lead to an argument, so you keep the peace. There’s no obligation to create a body of work around what’s happening, but you should feel a tiny bit outraged. At the very least, you should be upset about one really fucked up thing that has happened. Seeing the news hurts me to the core, but seeing people get together and be there for one another gives me hope. These issues might not impact your life directly, but your silence doesn’t help. Keep in mind there will be a point where something will happen that will make you feel attacked, but it might be too late. IT copy

What I’m talking about is the rotten orange peel from hell known as Donald Trump. Don’t interpret this as racism only existing since he came into power about a week ago. America has always been racist. Him being elected was best described as a “whitelash”. This is by far the worst thing I’ve painted. Since he has the behavioural habits of a 13 year old, I used this image in particular. He screamed and moaned to have it taken off the internet. Well I did take it off the internet and put it on a canvas.